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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Vancouver

Owning a home or commercial business can be an exciting venture for anybody. But it is not without its drawbacks. Whether it’s from a burst pipe or fire, disaster can strike your building at any time. Flooding or fire damage can leave devastating results, taking its toll on your emotions and your wallet.

This is why the residents of Vancouver are in need of a damage restoration company that can swiftly repair the destruction and return their building to its pre-disaster condition. Thankfully, 911 Restoration of Vancouver has the expertise and equipment to offer prompt and efficient disaster restoration services, 24/7/365.

From floor damage repair and mould decontamination to smoke and fire cleanup, we employ only the best in the industry to ensure the job gets done effectively. Our crews are certified, licensed, and insured experts, ready to tackle any disaster that may have impacted your property. Whether the damage occurred day or night, we’ll be at your doorstep within 45 minutes of your initial phone call.

Disaster Cleanup Services with a Caring Touch

Commercial Restoration PreparationChaos can ensue when your commercial or residential building has been hit with a disaster. Seeing your property affected by flames or flooding can be a lot to handle, and you may not know how to even start the restoration process. Disaster restoration doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you have a company like 911 Restoration on your side. We handle all types of disasters, and offer a myriad of benefits, including:

  • A visual inspection for property owners only
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Emergency boarding up
  • Testing and evaluating structural damage
  • Complete building restoration
  • Insurance consultation
  • IICRC certified mould remediation
  • Third-party lab testing for mould
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Direct insurance billing
  • And much more!

Not only will you receive an immediate response and seasoned services, you’ll also get a caring and empathetic team that puts you at the center of our attention. 911 Restoration of Vancouver understands that when a disaster strikes your property it not only affects your possessions, it impacts your emotional well being. Witnessing your personal items washed away by water or engulfed by flames can be devastating, and you need a company that can support you. This is why we have implemented a “fresh start” approach to every job we handle. We not only put your needs first, but we also help you to see the silver lining of the situation. 911 Restoration is truly a people-oriented company, and that shines through when we lend a helping hand to each and every one of our customers.

Mould Removal for Commercial and Residential Properties

Commercial Restoration TechniciansFire and water aren’t the only things that can inflict damage on your home or office building. Where there is stagnant water there is mould growth. This pesky fungus not only damages the surface it’s growing on, but can lead to health complications as well.

mould will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, pipes, or where there has been flooding. It can also sprout on paper products, ceiling tiles, and wooden furniture.

Mould exposure symptoms include sneezing, coughing, dry or watery eyes, postnasal drip, and even upper respiratory infections. If you suspect that there is mould present in your building, you need to contact a mould removal company immediately in order to avoid these potential health risks.

911 Restoration of Vancouver is perfectly equipped to handle complete mould remediation in your premise. Not only will we professionally inspect and test for mould, but we will extract it from your property.

We want nothing more than to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to live or work. If you are in need of mould removal, contact our crew today to get the process started immediately.

If a disaster strikes your home or business, it’s vital to get help right away. If you sit on a fire, mould, or water problem, it can lead to costly repairs, emotional distress, and even health problems.

911 Restoration of Vancouver is available around the clock to provide you with immediate disaster restoration services. We’re dedicated to our customers, and want to ensure that your property is restored thoroughly. Contact us today to receive expert and empathetic restoration services promptly.

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