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Water Damage Burnaby

Water damage is common in Vancouver due to all the water activity, so 911 Restoration Vancouver commends the residents of Burnaby, Vancouver, for braving harsh winters and 1,000 mm of rainfall a year.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Using Air Mover Near Vapor BarrierA lot of rain means a lot of flooding. So we only offer you the best
anytime you need our help. We’ll be available 24/7/365. In the face of disaster, we are here to offer you a fresh start. A brand new tomorrow, free of worries.

The fresh start attitude means you are our priority, and that is why we show up fast. Guaranteed same day service and we’ll be there within 45 minutes. This means our water damage Burnaby team can put you back on track as soon as we arrive.

We are equipped with the latest drying technologies like blowers, dehumidifiers, and pumps to move water out faster than it came in.

Water Repair Help: Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can cut water restoration effort costs by a wide margin. Our water damage Burnaby restoration team has some tips to get you through the winter with no water damage:

  • Water Damage Pipe Burst OutsideKeep it open and running. Water at a standstill will freeze easier.
  • Insulated pipes can keep water from getting too cold.
  • Think about providing more insulation for pipes and areas where they run.
  • Areas that can be insulated are crawlspaces and subfloors.
  • Indoor water pipes that run through cabinets can be kept warm by keeping them open and allowing a heater to warm them

A property of water is that it expands when frozen, so when uninsulated pipes are exposed to the cold, the water inside freezes. Thus, a blockage is created and it causes pipes to rupture, flooding your home.

Metals and other materials contract in the cold. Using hot water or having hot air circulating can expand those materials. For example, a bathtub warmed up after sitting in the cold winter can expand too fast, which may result in micro fractures that expand and let water in under the tub.

Beat water damage with knowledge. Knowing where your water shut off valve is can save you a fortune, so become familiar with where yours is. If a pipe break does occur, shutting off the water to your home is important. As it will protect your house from more damage caused by more water.

Also, recognize areas that are most at risk for pooling water. Our water damage Burnaby team suggests that during rainy times of the year keep a look out for where your water runs off.  Changes can be made to ensure water does not flood the foundation of a home.

Our Water Emergency Burnaby Team Is Here for You

You can trust in our Burnaby’s water restoration team with all your water damage concerns. Our many years of experience means we are ready for anything.Water Damage Restoration Vans And Trucks At Urban Job Location

Some water damage can be more harmful to your health than to your home. We always assess the water to ensure that our restoration efforts are safe for you.

For example, black water, from sewage backup, has a dangerously high microbial count that makes you ill.

Our water damage Burnaby team are IICRC Certified experts, who are familiar with a wide range of flooring material to make sure we meet every need. The job means more than restoration. It means that you get taken care of in the face of disaster.

Call the water damage Burnaby specialists from 911 Restoration today!

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