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Understanding the Dangers of Neglecting Water Damage

Published by 911 Restoration Vancouver on February 28, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,

Between our job and family life, most of us are incredibly busy and as a result certain “household fix-its” get neglected. Perhaps that wobbly staircase rail needs to be tightened, or that cracked tile in the bathroom needs to be replaced. These are little chores that get buried on our “to do lists” that might get some love during a holiday vacation. But if you notice some water damage, it is of vital importance you drop everything and address the wet spot immediately. If you call a water damage restoration company, they will inform you about the numerous risks you would face by shelving the problem to be remediated on a future date. By understanding how water damage occurs and what dangers it poses, homeowners can make better decisions to help protect their property and family.

How Does Water Damage Occur?

Water damage occurs from two primary means: household disasters and bad weather. When pipes become overwhelmed with rust or mineral deposit buildup from hard water, a block can occur in which pressure builds until the pipe cracks and leaks water. A slow leak within a wall will eventually reveal itself by creating a soft spot or a bubble. If ignored the damage will spread and cause potential problems like wood rot or mold. Water damage can also result from heavy rains or flash floods. If your roof has gaps between or under the roof tiles, water can trickle in and form pools in your attic.

How Can I Protect my Home from Water Damage?

Protecting your home from water damage can be started months prior to when the rainy season starts and is a smart move for homeowners. In many cases severe weather can warrant counties to place mandatory evacuations on residents in certain high-risk areas. When the order is lifted, families often return home to find extensive water damage from flooding that could have been prevented if only precautions had been taken.

If your home rests at the base of a large hill, start a summer project in which you dig a trench at the base of the hillside to help prevent potential mud slides. Be sure to line the trench with a heavy duty tarp layered with rocks or gravel. It is also wise to sandbag your home a day or two before rain is forecasted. This will help prevent water from soaking into your foundation or flowing under your doors.

If strong winds are predicted be sure to board up your windows to prevent flying debris from smashing through and spraying glass everywhere.

How do Water Damage Companies Restore Flooded Homes?
When you call most established water damage restoration companies, you can rest assured knowing that a water damage cleanup team will respond to your call quickly and use the latest technology in industrial strength drying techniques. All too often homeowners will attempt to clean the water on their own using a sump pump, buckets or towels. However, they almost always leave moisture behind—something that can easily lead to a mold problem. Don’t risk further damage to your home by neglecting water damage. Be sure to call a trusted professional, and, going forward, take the steps needed to protect your home from any potential weather-related damage.

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