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The Right Energy Efficient Roof For Your Home

Published by Resource on May 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Come winter, the nights may be quite cold but there are ways to protect your expensive clothing. Putting some weatherproofing on your wardrobe is far less expensive than having to buy new clothes because your clothing has suffered damage from the harsh winter weather.


Here are some tips to help you protect your clothing from the winter weather:

Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to turn your attention to the colder months before it hits. Protect your clothes from being damaged by the winter weather with some easy to follow dry cleaning tips, and get your winter clothes looking like new again.


Insect Spray

Spray insect sprays on your clothing at the manufacturers recommendations, but remember that any spray contains poisonous or polluting substances. Wear gloves, or instead, apply the spray with a basting brush and let active ingredients sit on your clothes for a few minutes before washing. Follow the manufacturer’s directions, and tip off clothing and non-metal clothes in the dryer after the dryer cycles.


Chlorine Bleach

endorsed by organizations the American Lung Association and the Clothing Manufacturers Association of US, chlorine bleach is a must-have to keep your clothes smelling and ward off any possible mold and mildew. Bleach kills germs and effectively disinfects items. Clothing may be placed into the dryer along with other clothes as the bleach is then killed by the heat.


Commercial Brands

Try investing in a good commercial dry cleaning product or use a commercial dry cleaning company to do the work for you. Make sure to remove items from the dryer before placing the laundry in the dryer or you may risk the items being damaged. Don’t forget to read the cleaning instructions on new pieces if buying a new piece of clothing.


The Dryer Vent

Although many people don’t know that putting their clothing into the dryer will. Keeping the dryer lint trap staring dropping void the warranty, the vent is also important to make sure the dryer runs efficiently. The lint trap catches the lint emits from the dryer and works to keep the air flow to the dryer. If the dryer vent isn’t cleaned regularly it’s possible the lint could back up.


The Dryer Vent Lint Screen

To keep years of static in your clothing, ensure the dryer vent has a screen lint trap and that hose is cleaned before the end of the cleaning cycle. All that static electricity is bound to build up. To reduce the static electricity in your clothes, it’s necessary to remove the clothes to the dryer and hit the dryer on air before putting them in. Also, make sure you don’t dry a load more than once. Otherwise you could never get rid of the chemicals from your dryer and will need to spend more money on laundry detergent and cleaning chemicals.


Light Dampness

Never expose your clothing into the dryer if your clothing is damp, with or without dirt. Instead the dryer may not dry even if you’d used a stain remover. Too much moisture can also cause the staple in your clothing to weaken and fall out, damaging the clothing. If this happens it’s best to throw out the item and buy a new one.

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