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Call Today! (778) 655-0490
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There’s Mold in the Air

Wherever moisture exists, mold spores will follow, like a jaded lover longing for the one thing it can never have. Whether water hides in the padding beneath your carpet or takes to the air aboard an airplane, the fungus will find it.

When 911 Restoration received an emergency call regarding mold on a plane we were excited and cautious all at once. As a water damage company, we are experts in home mold removal, but on a plane, well, this was new territory for our mold crew. Nonetheless, a customer was at risk of being harmed by the stubborn infestation as it chased its affliction. We were prepared to be bold, do something new, and get this plane flying again.

This is one of the most unique mold remediation and decontamination jobs we have experienced. While it was certainly different, our mold removal Vancouver professionals were able to get rid of the dangerous mold spores and help the customer breathe easy in the sky once again.

The mold had spread excessively under the influence of its affection: excessive water spread about the fuselage. Luckily, we are capable of water damage restoration and mold removal, so the moisture-crossed lovers can remain forever together in our industrial strength vacuums and latest drying technology… until we clean our equipment, of course.

When water damage took to the skies to flee from land and see, mold was close on her tail. Fortunately for the customer, 911 Restoration was only a phone call away.

Call our mold removal Vancouver company at (778) 655-0490 for a free visual inspection to find the fungus infestation and we will make your property or planes safe again!

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