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Mold Remediation: Stachybotrys Chartarum and the Mold Mafia

Published by 911 Restoration Vancouver on June 25, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection with tags: ,

The mold family came to Canada the same day rain washed ashore and they’ve been here ever since. They run amuck with little authority to shut them down, beyond mold remediation. If these troublesome types of fungus take over your neighborhood, it won’t be long before you see people in the hospital. You want to be able to identify the signs of mold before they take root and move in droves into your property. Don’t get your lungs kicked in by this ruthless family. Anytime you have water damage and restoration, make sure the area is completely dry, otherwise mold will show up to finish the job where water left off.


Which Type of Mold is the Kingpin of a Mafia Family?

Stachybotrys “Black Mold” Chartarumis the slimy kingpin of a Mafia Family chomping on cigars and filling your home with toxic compounds known as mycotoxins, which have been liked to severe health problems. Recurring sinus infections, and asthma attacks make up only half of Black Mold’s rap sheet. This fatherly fungus produces a musty odor, as any mafia godfather ripe in age would. It prefers to bathe in places that stay damp all the time. Stachybotrys charatarium even has an entry on the CDC’s most wanted list. If you’re on the hunt for the head of mold, check air conditioning ducts and leaking pipes for standing water or condensation and get a hold of a mold remediation professional right away.


Is there a Godmother of Mold?

Alternaria is the Godmother of Mold, Often found outdoors, flitting the new gown her husband bought her, Alternaria sends her seeds far and wide to cover a property in a Blitzkrieg-like tactic. Once these mold spores cover the outer areas, she moves into the damp spots inside, such as showers or leaking pipes beside her husband.  This flirty maiden knows the key to survival comes in playing the field. Even when you eradicate one infestation of Alternaria, another one pops up without proper mold remediation. Of course, she prefers poison when she must stoop so low as to attack her gracious host. Allergic reactions and asthma symptoms send homeowners exposed to Alteria to the hospital.


Are all Types of Mold Easily Identifiable?

Fusarium and many other mold types are not easily identifiable. Fusarium is the creepy mold that takes the cleanup jobs. After water damage restoration and mold remediation, Fusarium moves in to finish the job. It hides in moist carpets and can survive frigid temperatures, just waiting to strike. When Stachybotrys has a difficult problem, he sends in Fusarium. When you have fusarium, you need to send in mold removal specialists with the latest drying technology. If the rest of the family already damaged your respiratory and immune systems you present an easy target to infection caused by Fusarium exposure.

 There are many more members of the mold mafia just waiting to take up residents after a pipe burst, toilet overflow, or roof leaks. Keep an eye out for these harbingers of respiratory doom so that you do not fall victim to mold spores. When you feel that tickle in your throat, get on the phone with mold remediation technicians immediately.

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