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Flood Damage

Inordinate periods of rain, flooding, snow, ice damage and intense heat can cause building damage. Water has a way of working its way into the surfaces and uneven parts of your home. As water naturally pools and evaporates however, it can cause tremendous damage.

For roofs, standing water will degrade trusses and asphalt shingles. With walls, water damage is often seen as drip staining, or drywall and wallpaper swelling. In basements, water will crack foundations, ruin electrical conduit pathways, interfere with furnaces and leave mineral deposits on plumbing and permanent surfaces. Above all, water damage mostly results in the proliferation of moulds, mildews and other toxic residues which can compromise the overall integrity of your structure and the health of anyone living within.

The proper precautions can be taken to ensure water does not leech into the interior of a structure thereby creating the perfect environment for mould and other harsh forms of water damage. 911

 911 Restoration offering water protection have:

  • 24 hour service
  • quick response to immediate water emergencies
  • follow-up maintenance after addressing water problems
  • high level of diverse environment expertise
  • expert knowledge of science, plumbing, location and building specs
  • professional bonding and insurance
  • excellent homeowner and business owner client relations skills

Other reasons for water damage include insufficient or clogged drainage systems, inadequate roofing and gutter configurations, soil unevenness and improper installation of crawlspace vapor shields. Minimizing or eliminating future water damage is essential to the preservation of your structure’s value and livability. Aside from property damage, there are a host of human health concerns which can arise from unchecked property water damage. This is one of the most brutal and subversive natural disasters possible for any property.

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