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There’s Mold in the Air

Wherever moisture exists, mold spores will follow, like a jaded lover longing for the one thing it can never have. Whether water hides in the padding beneath your carpet or takes to the air aboard an airplane, the fungus will find it. When 911 Restoration... 

Mold Remediation: Stachybotrys Chartarum and the Mold Mafia

Published by 911 Restoration Vancouver on June 25, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection with tags: ,
The mold family came to Canada the same day rain washed ashore and they’ve been here ever since. They run amuck with little authority to shut them down, beyond mold remediation. If these troublesome types of fungus take over your neighborhood, it won’t be long... 

Raw Sewage Backups: Keep that Poo Away From You

Published by 911 Restoration Vancouver on May 22, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup with tags: ,
One of the worst experiences for any homeowner is a raw sewage backup. Unfortunately this nasty problem is all too common. The most likely culprit is a toilet overflow from flushing excessive amounts of paper. Under no circumstances should you flush other materials down your... 

Creating a Water Leak Checklist

Published by 911 Restoration Vancouver on April 15, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,
I’ve had water leak problems in my home before, and I know what a pain they can be. However, I have come up with a way to make sure that I don’t miss water leaks in the future. I have a water leak checklist that... 

High-Rise Fire Safety in Vancouver

Published by 911 Restoration Vancouver on March 31, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair with tags: ,
High-rise fire safety is one of the most important things you can consider when you are putting up new buildings that are incredibly tall and large. You might think that you have covered all of the fire safety issues in your new building, but there... 
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